Helios (High Efficiency Lighting Online System) is a comprehensive management lighting system based on radio frequency. Helios can manage any type of lighting instalation: road, warehouses, polygons, buildings, etc., and its functionality can be configured according to the needs of the client.

Helios is made up of devices that are integrated into the elements of any lighting installation: lights and electrical distribution panels.

Perform efficient lighting management is vital for reducing costs due to high power consumption of these facilities. Normally, any environment gets variables that allow you to adjust the lighting without reducing service quality: natural light, the presence of people or objects, work schedules, etc., Helios can use these variables to optimize power consumption.

To complete the system management, Helios includes control, measurement and supervision functions that can achieve the necessary installation parameters to ensure proper operation and maintenance.

Helios is based on a free radio frequency module which enables communication between elements of the system without any data transmission costs.